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Wide-ranging support for airline company operations

At Konoike Air Port Service, we handle various ground handling tasks for airline companies. We provide total support for import and export cargo sheds, aircraft ULD transport, luggage handling, cabin cleaning, and airport services. We also deliver suitcases and lend Wi-Fi devices. With our wealth of experience and achievements, we promise high quality service and efficient airport operations.

Konoike Air Port Service Co., Ltd. is
a Konoike Group company.

International/ domestic cargo
Luggage handling

We deliver cargo and luggage entrusted from people around the world safely, reliably, and promptly

Cargo transport/ Luggage transport and PBB mounting

Operating vehicles precisely and safely with practiced skill and knowledge

Cabin Operations

Clean cabins in a limited time frame We also check for dangerous and suspicious items

Luggage/WiFi Handling Operations

Baggage services (luggage delivery)/ checking services/ WiFi router lending