International and Domestic Cargo
Laggage Handling Operations

Delivering your important cargo to the people important to you

We deliver cargo entrusted to us by people across the world, securely, reliably, and quickly

■Import and Export Cargo Handling Service

Our air cargo service handles a wide variety of items, from precision machinery to electrical appliances, jewelry and animals, as well as urgent requests.
In our export service, we use our safe and efficient "optimal stowage plan" to pack goods into a suitable shape for loading on an aircraft, then deliver them all over the world.
In our import service, meanwhile, we quickly and accurately sort goods imported from abroad based on their import information, conduct checks, and store them by location.
Then, we load them into trucks based on their shipping schedule.

Receipt of air cargo brought into the international cargo zone is checked via mobile, and confirmed at each destination. The cargo, kept in separate locations, such as temperature controlled areas, is taken out and loaded onto trucks according to the shipping instructions.

Cargo transport
Luggage transport
PBB mounting

Ground handling that enchants

Using high-level knowledge and technique to operate vehicles with safety and precision

■Cargo Transport Service

The palettes and containers to be loaded onto aircraft are conveyed to the aircraft using a vehicle called a towing tractor.

■PBB Mounting Service

We attach PBBs (passenger boarding bridges) to aircraft that have just landed.

This work takes place in close proximity to the aircraft, so operating the vehicle requires not only knowledge and skill, but also safety checks. We make thorough use of the pointing-and-calling method of occupational safety. After docking the PBB, we cross-check with the cabin crew, then open the aircraft door.

Cabin Operations

Cleaning the inside of the aircraft quickly and precisely

Cleaning the cabin in a limited time Checking for suspicious or dangerous items

■Cabin Cleaning Service

After an aircraft arrives and the passengers have disembarked, we clean the inside of the aircraft quickly and precisely ready for the next departure.
assengers on board can enjoy their in-flight meals and the view from the aircraft more fully. We work every day to help create a clean and comfortable space for that to happen.

We also play a role in security; verifying and replacing equipment, and carrying out checks for suspicious and dangerous items. We provide a dedicated vehicle for our cleaning staff to enter the aircraft promptly (a CSL, or cabin service loader). Replenishing and draining the aircraft's water is also one of our jobs. Drinking water to be used on the aircraft is supplied and disposed of using a special vehicle.

Luggage Delivery 
Wi-Fi Services

Hospitality that makes our customers smile

Package Service (baggage delivery) / Temporary Storage Service / Wi-Fi Router Rental

In order to create an environment where travelers can go sightseeing without any baggage, we are registered as an office for "hands-free tourism", which is being promoted by the JTA. Our multilingual staff deal with customers kindly and politely in English, Chinese, and more.

Kansai Airport Baggage Service (KABS)

We directly operate baggage delivery counters at the Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 (Arrivals Floor) North Side and the 4F (Departures Floor) North Side
We provide baggage delivery for travel or business trips.
On departure, from a customer's home or hotel to the airport. On arrival, from the airport to the customer's home or hotel. We provide a service that allows our customers to move around "hands-free."

1F International Arrivals Floor

Operating Hours: 6:30 – 22:30

4F International Departures Floor

Operating Hours: 7:00 – 21:00

Temporary storage service

We operate a service providing temporary storage for baggage inside the airport.
※During winter, we also provide storage for coats.。

Wi-Fi router rental service (intermediary)

This is a service that allows customers to pick up all kinds of Wi-Fi routers booked through rental companies from KABS.
※Some provide same-day rental.

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