Privacy Policy

Kounoike · Airport Service Corporation. (Hereinafter referred to as "This Company"). This Company promotes the protection of personal information as follows: it defines the policy of protection of personal information. It constructs a mechanism for protecting personal information. It makes all employees aware of the importance of protecting personal information and thoroughly endeavor to do so.

Management of Personal Information

This Company maintains a security system, develops a management system, takes necessary measures such as thorough training of employees, carries out safety measures and strictly manages personal information, for the purpose of keeping customer's personal information accurate and up to date, and preventing unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering and leakage, etc. of personal information.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

The customer's personal information is used for sending e-mails and documents as a contact from this Company, as a business guidance and as answering to customer's questions.

Prohibition of disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

This Company properly manage customer's personal information and do not disclose personal information to third parties unless one of following applies.

  1. In the case where there is customer's consent.
  2. In the case where this Company discloses to a contractor entrusted by this Company, for the purpose of performing services requested by a customer.
  3. In the case where it is obliged to disclose personal information according to laws and ordinances.

Security Measures for Personal Information

For the purpose of ensuring the accuracy and safety of personal information, this Company has taken thorough measures for security.

Referral of a Customer

If a customer wishes to inquire, modify or delete his/her personal information, this Company will respond after confirming the identity of the customer.

Compliance with laws, regulations and norms and review of this policy.

This Company complies with Japanese laws and other regulations and norms applicable to personal information which this Company possess. This Company reviews and improves the content of this policy as necessary.

About the General Employer Action Plan

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Contact Us

For inquiries concerning this Company's handling of personal information, please contact us.

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