"Handling and transportation of air freight
is a special job, where I am in contact with "all of the world"
Haneda Operations, Division 1
Ryoma Ishii (hired upon graduation in 2012)

The pressure and fulfillment of bearing the weight of the "ANA" logo

── Please describe the specific duties of your job.

We take custody of the freight entrusted to us by our customers, and help transport it to its destination, whether that's here in Japan or overseas.

To explain the workflow, the first step is assembling the freight (to be transported long-distance by either planes or trucks) at our warehouse. Next, the work is separated into those in charge of sorting, and those in charge of loading. The sorters classify the freight and sort them according to their destinations. Depending on the size of the freight, it may be transported by hand, by hand truck, or if it's extremely heavy, by forklift. Afterward, we read in the barcodes attached to the freight using specialized devices, and start loading them into planes and trucks.

Currently, I am in charge of "conveyance" operations - which means that I load the freight onto airplanes waiting on the runway to take them to their next destination. Sometimes the freight we handle is designated to entirely be transported on All Nippon Airways airplanes, so on my uniform I wear the three letters "ANA." I know that I'm being observed from the terminal and the observation decks, so I can feel the pressure of my responsibilities. I feel that I enjoy a good balance of pressure and pride in my daily work.

The people on our staff look out for each other, and so I think that we have naturally formed a strong bond together.

── Is there anything you pay particular attention to normally when you work?

Of course I am always conscious of making sure not to have any accidents while transporting freight, but the thing I pay attention to the most is "time." There are times when I only have an hour in between a freight's arrival and departure times, so I need to make sure to "keep cool, but work quickly."

── After all, we can't allow the plane to be delayed.

Our mission is to properly load, sort, and transport the freight within the limited time we are allotted. But it's impossible for just one person to load all of the freight and get a plane flying on time. Each of us is divided into teams of 5 or 6, and we concentrate on each of our specific roles. As a result, our staff forms a strong common bond, and we are able to minimize mistakes before they happen.
One of the most fulfilling things about this job is that I am able to fully appreciate "the true pleasures of teamwork."