"Taking advantage of certification support
for a long career in the ANA uniform"
Haneda Operations Department, Business Division 2
Yuta Sugetani (joined as new graduate in 2016)

Certifications paid for by the company! A job that ensures steady growth

──Tell us what you do in your current job.

I'm currently in exports, and my job is to load cargo and packages that arrive from around the world onto containers and palettes. Most of the cargo we get at Haneda Airport is "transit cargo" that gets transported to other airports, so we transport it to other locations like Narita Airport and Kansai International Airport.

──So did you get your license for the forklift you use at work after joining the company?

In my case, I got specialized qualifications like my special large vehicle license and my forklift license in my second year at the company. The company covers the testing fees, and of course the qualification allowance added to your monthly salary is also nice! You can learn specific driving techniques along the way and make gradual progress, so don't worry if it's your first time working in an airport or warehouse.

Various systems in place to create an ideal working environment

──What sorts of people is this good for?

You really interact with a lot of ANA staff and other people in this job. So of course communication skills are important. And I think this job is perfect for romantic people who like the idea of knowing the packages in front of them will be in another country in a few hours.

──Tell us what makes you proud of your working environment.

Haneda Airport has break rooms, nap rooms, and shower rooms. There's also an employee dorm, so staff from outside the city also work with a smile. There are plenty of opportunities for employees to share their opinions on work efficiency and company reform, so we have great communication in our workplace.

The more senior employees are all really nice too, and they never complain about helping me whenever I don't know something. There are also more people coming in after me now so I'm starting to teach others as well. I hope to continue improving my skills and expertise.