"20 year old staff play an active part!
Working for a Japanese airline company is highly rewarding"
Haneda Business Division, Department 1
Nakada Natsumi (Joined as a new graduate in 2017)

The company pays close attention to ensuring a suitable working environment for women.

── Where at the airport do you work?

At Haneda Airport, there is an area called the "Cargo terminal area" right next to the runway. This is where we manage the cargo and mail handled by ANA for sorting, loading and transport.

The typical view of the logistics industry is that it is very male-dominated. However, more and more women have been coming into the business in recent years. The job is not physically demanding, and the work ethic of the company is that we all help each other, so I think I'm a good example of how you can work here even if you're a woman.

── Can you tell me a bit about how you came to join the company?

I've always loved airports, ever since I was a child. I thought to myself, "This is where I want to work when I'm older!" I love the fact that this is a place where people and luggage come and go - it's a departure point, a transit point or your final destination.

── On the subject of working somewhere you like, was it difficult to join the company in the first place?

No, not really. For the first three to six months after joining, I gradually learned the practical aspects of the job, as I picked up the fundamentals of the business, such as the basic rules of the airport and regulations for cargo handling. I followed my boss' instructions and started out by getting used to the pace of the work. I didn't have any particular problems.

Working at the airport - the job of your dreams! Somewhere you can really thrive

──What's the most interesting aspect of your job? What do you like best?

Airports are bases for the international logistics industry. Japan is increasingly in the public eye, so keeping airline cargo safe and secure is more challenging and rewarding than I ever imagined. I review work processes and make suggestions about how to improve work efficiency. This is a job where I can immediately apply the principles and ideas that I come up with. That gives me real pleasure.

──Do you have a message for anyone thinking about looking for a job in the logistics business, or a change of career?

I socialize with colleagues and older staff after work or on days off. There are many graduate joiners in the company, and plenty of people in their twenties working here. Whatever your experience or academic background, I'd urge you to consider a fresh start here and join the company.
I'm looking forward to working together with you here at the airport.