Baggage delivery services  Travel empty-handed from Kansai International Airport in a breeze.

We will deliver your baggage safely from Kansai International Airport to hotel, home or company.

Suited for someone like you who wants to dispatch bulky baggage such as Boston bags and travel empty-handed from the airport.
We will deliver your baggage from the "KABS counter" located in Kansai International Airport to destination, home or company.

Please come to the Kansai Airport Baggage Service (KABS) counter next to the check-in counter on the 4th floor of Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Building.

Present the address of the place where you are staying to the counter staff.
If you cannot write Japanese, the counter staff will write for you.

4F International Departure Floor

  • *Business hours: 6:30~22:30
  • *Home delivery reception 22:15

Hotels in Osaka and Kyoto Prefecture

We will deliver on that day (on the same day).
If you complete the procedure by noon, we will deliver after 18 o'clock on that day.

Hotels in other areas

We will deliver the next day.
If you complete the procedure by 18 o'clock, we will deliver during or after the morning of the next day.

Flow of services

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